The Advantages of Building Cypress Log Homes in Florida and Georgia

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We’re going to share some facts on Cypress log homes, and cypress log cabins. Discussing the longevity and benefits of using Cypress wood to build your Florida log Home.

Cypress has long been praised as “natures perfect wood” lasting for hundreds of years. It is highly prized by artisans and craftsmen alike for its longevity, beauty, and ease of work. And because of it’s many special features it continues to be proven as the best premium log home material available and sought after by many consumers in the market today.

The Cypress tree generates a natural occurring preservative oil called cypressene that makes cypress heartwood more resistant to insects, decay, chemical corrosion and other damaging exterior elements. For this reason, cypress has been longtime favorite providing peace of mind.

All Cypress trees are conifers, but unlike most softwoods they are deciduous trees that shed their foliage in the fall like hardwoods. It grows alongside hardwoods and is traditionally grouped and manufactured with hardwoods. Cypress wood is heavier and denser due to the tight growth rings which makes it better with less settling, checking and twisting for log home building construction. Cypress has long been a favorite choice for long-wearing outdoor materials applications as fence post, pilings, docks, telephone post, railroad ties to stakes for farming.

Cypress log homes and structures are said to be some of the oldest in world. Cypress is also important as it is a carbon-neutral material.

What did noah’s ark and the first doors of st. Peter’s basilica in rome have in common? Legend has it that both were made of the durable wood we know as cypress. In fact, the doors of the original st. Peter’s were more than 1,100 years old when the building was torn down and reconstructed in the 1,500’s.

If your looking for the best wood available for building your dream log home and or log cabin, then heart-cut, cypress can’t be beat. Cypress will give you a chemical free Florida log home with less maintenance, resistance from decay and insects that will last your family for generations.

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